Nail Caddy w/ Non-Slip Foam Base
Nail Caddy w/ Non-Slip Foam Base
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Nail Caddy w/ Non-Slip Foam Base

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The Nail Caddy is a superior alternative to flimsy cardboard boxes, also reducing waste. The non-slip base keeps roofing nails (or any tools/accessories) within arm’s reach up to a 12:12 slope! No need to carry heavy nail spools in your tool pouch, easing the burden on your back and decreasing physical fatigue. No more wasted time and energy climbing up and down the roof to fetch nails, maintaining momentum and increasing productivity.

• Nail Caddy Cover included
• Collapsible for easy storage
• Non-slip base
• Works on roofs up to a 12:12 slope

Note : Nail Caddy Complete comes with cover, non-slip base and pins to secure non-slip base. Strap is sold separately.

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